⛄️Christmas haiku πŸŽ„

Thought that I would get into the Christmas spirit and share a haiku that I wrote last Christmas with you.

Reindeer pulling sleigh
A flash of red in the sky
Santa’s on his way


If that didn’t get you feeling Christmassy I don’t know what will!

Now I’m literally off to get some Christmas spirit, a glass of Baileys I think should do the trick.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


New children’s book

So sorry that I’ve been away for quite some time. I can assure you it has been for a good reason. I have written and published my very first children’s book. It is a beautifully illustrated book about pirates and is available to download on kindle. I am extremely proud and excited about this book and I hope that you check it out. Link below.


Also check out my Facebook page to keep updated with my writing projects. I have already started on the first draft of my next book.

Busy, busy ……



In an attempt to get fit and lose some weight ready for my 40th birthday next July, I attended my first Piloxing class. Piloxing in case you haven’t heard of it is a mixture of Boxing, Pilates and dance, and let me tell you it almost killed me (in a good way).
First I watched some videos on you tube to see what I was letting myself in for and I have to say I was a little frightened.

For one everyone seemed to have some form of pink Lycra on and two I thought I’d never keep up. I turned up to the class on Tuesday minus the pink Lycra but ready to give it my all.

Usually at these fitness classes I feel like I haven’t really gained that much or worked too hard but that was not the case with piloxing. I was sweating, red faced and knackered. The instructor managed to keep us pumped for the entire hour and apparently I had good form (not bad for a fat bird). We were told at the end of the class that we had burned around 900 calories. This was music to my ears, now I could have that bag of revels without feeling guilty!

*I have planned to do a technology detox this weekend. So as of now I am shutting down my computer switching of my iPhone and iPad and no TV. I will let you know how I get on next week. Until then have a great weekend xx


The scream is silent, yet deafening.
It is pointed like a star,
Yet it emits no light.
It sticks to the throat
Like thick treacle.
Choking me.
The need to release it
Weighs heavy.
Pushing me into the earth.
How I long to be like the wolf.
Howling at the moon.
To be rid of this noise within me.
That beats at my lungs.
Black as night, cold as snow.
Yet still it lives.
Deep in my stomach.
Feeding from the scraps I throw to it.
Like a pot bellied pig.

Β© Victoria Tucker 2014

Wanderer returns

Woohoo I’m back. Did you miss me?


Sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of weeks, but i have been on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

We stayed in the first choice holiday village (also known as luabay Costa Los gigantes hotel) which was lovely.


The food was lovely and they had some amazing cocktails (which I was drinking a little too fast. I blame the heat)


The highlight of the holiday was our trip on the mustcat catamaran to see the short fin pilot whales. The crew were absolutely amazing! My daughters were feeling a bit sea sick to start with and they really looked after them. To learn more about the mustcat click here.

There is even the opportunity to stop for a quick snorkel and diving session and the chance to see the turtles. I loved it and would definitely recommend this trip to anyone visiting the island.


Unfortunately it’s back to the grindstone now and I’m going to have to get used to making my own bed and cooking my own meals. Already dreaming of a holiday for next year. I was thinking Mexico, does anyone have any recommendations of places, hotels, excursions etc?

Caress – poem

The soft breeze,
Caresses me,
Like a lover.
His kisses,
Whisper on my skin;
Sending shivers,
Down my spine.

The hairs on my body,
Stand to attention.
My warm skin tingles.
With his embrace,
He gives me a welcome reprieve,
From the beating sun.

No sooner has my lover
Brushed over me;
Leaving traces
Of his beautiful kisses.
He leaves me again.
And the warm sun
Enfolds me once more.

β˜€οΈSummer haikusβ˜€οΈ

Complete happiness
The warmth of the sun on skin
Natures green beauty


Children are playing
Laughter rings out through the air
Ice creams melting fast


Toes sink into sand
Winter chill long forgotten
Waves crashing on shore


Β©2014 Victoria Tucker