Today is my last day working for my current employer. Although I am sad to be leaving, I am extremely excited to start my new job. I have met some lovely people where I work and fully intend to keep in contact with all of them. I remember my first day there and how nervous I was, I needn’t have been, I was greeted by a group of lovely smiling ladies who took me under their wing and helped me through. Now that I’m settled and know what I’m doing I’ve decided to do it all again and start somewhere else new. I must be mad! Being the newbie is no picnic. It’s the small things that make me nervous like where do I make a cuppa, eat lunch etc? where are the loos? Are the people nice? what should I wear? Is it smart, smart-casual or just casual? How do I answer the phone? I don’t usually worry about the actually tasks I will be doing as I think I’m pretty competent, it’s the other little things. I will be going back to eating my lunch like a loner again, I will be an outsider for a while instead of being in the in-group that I’ve become used to. However scary it may seem I’m also quite excited about starting somewhere new. Making new friends and completing new challenges. Now that I will be working less hours I will have more time to spend with my kids, and doing my own projects. I’ve decided to write that book I’ve been thinking about writing for a few years, and maybe doing some voluntary work again. I also plan to de-clutter the house and get fit. This being said, in reality I will probably use my spare time catching up with American horror story on Netflix, whilst eating chocolate!


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