A Ghostie Poem- by me and my daughter

Now I am well aware that ghosts don’t really sit around eating toasted sandwiches waiting for the postman, but hey we’ll just call it poetic license. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it up.

I saw a ghostie
Eating a toastie
While watching the postie
Delivering mail

I said “what you doing?”
I’ve got the kettle brewing
The ghost rubbed his eyes
And he started to wail

Now I ain’t lying
The ghostie started crying
I said “what’s wrong?”
And he told me this tale

“I’ve been sitting waiting
Wishing and praying
That I could find a friend
Who would send me some mail”

The ghostie he looked sad
And I started feeling bad
Then an idea that I had
Started to form

I wrote him a letter
To make him feel better
I popped it in the mailbox
The very next morn

Next day when the ghostie
Was waiting for the postie
A smile across my face
Had started to spread

The ghostie apparition
Was busy in the kitchen
Cutting up cheese
And buttering bread

Along came the postie
The ghostie dropped his toastie
For down the garden path
He started to descend

Walked right up to the door
A letter dropped onto the floor
And the ghost was sad no more
As now he had a friend

©2014 V.Tucker & C.Tucker


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