Torment (a poem about living with OCD)

As you may have guessed by the title of this post I have OCD. I have written a poem to explain to those who luckily don’t suffer from this, how it feels to live with OCD.
My form of OCD is to check things. I check doors, plug sockets etc about a million times before I’m satisfied that it is safe to leave them. I have managed to learn how to control these behaviours over the years, but I still have some days when the urge to check everything numerous times raises it’s ugly head.

My mind is conspiring against me
It is a daily battle
One I must face alone

My mind she taunts me
Making me doubt myself
I am trapped by her

She questions my every move
Until she drives me to the brink of madness
Like a petulant child

I call to my inner wise woman
In a bid to calm her tantrums
At times she prevails

The child is hushed now
But I know this is only a lull
Before the impending storm that threatens to rage
©2014 Victoria Tucker

No one should ever be embarrassed or ashamed about having OCD. It comes from a deep rooted need to protect and care about others and is born out of a fear that something you may neglect to do may cause someone harm. For me it is the fear of leaving something on like the iron and the potential it has to cause a fire and ruin my family’s lives. For others it is the need to clean out of a fear of germs. Just know that you are not alone and that some of the nicest, caring people you will ever meet are OCD sufferers xx


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