In an attempt to get fit and lose some weight ready for my 40th birthday next July, I attended my first Piloxing class. Piloxing in case you haven’t heard of it is a mixture of Boxing, Pilates and dance, and let me tell you it almost killed me (in a good way).
First I watched some videos on you tube to see what I was letting myself in for and I have to say I was a little frightened.

For one everyone seemed to have some form of pink Lycra on and two I thought I’d never keep up. I turned up to the class on Tuesday minus the pink Lycra but ready to give it my all.

Usually at these fitness classes I feel like I haven’t really gained that much or worked too hard but that was not the case with piloxing. I was sweating, red faced and knackered. The instructor managed to keep us pumped for the entire hour and apparently I had good form (not bad for a fat bird). We were told at the end of the class that we had burned around 900 calories. This was music to my ears, now I could have that bag of revels without feeling guilty!

*I have planned to do a technology detox this weekend. So as of now I am shutting down my computer switching of my iPhone and iPad and no TV. I will let you know how I get on next week. Until then have a great weekend xx


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