In an attempt to get fit and lose some weight ready for my 40th birthday next July, I attended my first Piloxing class. Piloxing in case you haven’t heard of it is a mixture of Boxing, Pilates and dance, and let me tell you it almost killed me (in a good way).
First I watched some videos on you tube to see what I was letting myself in for and I have to say I was a little frightened.

For one everyone seemed to have some form of pink Lycra on and two I thought I’d never keep up. I turned up to the class on Tuesday minus the pink Lycra but ready to give it my all.

Usually at these fitness classes I feel like I haven’t really gained that much or worked too hard but that was not the case with piloxing. I was sweating, red faced and knackered. The instructor managed to keep us pumped for the entire hour and apparently I had good form (not bad for a fat bird). We were told at the end of the class that we had burned around 900 calories. This was music to my ears, now I could have that bag of revels without feeling guilty!

*I have planned to do a technology detox this weekend. So as of now I am shutting down my computer switching of my iPhone and iPad and no TV. I will let you know how I get on next week. Until then have a great weekend xx


Afternoon tea

July is always a busy month for me in terms of birthdays. There is my best friend, stepdad, husband and sister (who also has a blog you should go check out, especially if you are into fashion) and not forgetting my birthday at the end of the month!

This year me and my best friend Vikki decided along with our best friend Mel to go a bit upmarket and have a champagne afternoon tea at the regency styled Francis Hotel, in the beautiful city of Bath, to celebrate our birthdays.

(As I write this I’m suffering with a stinking cold. It’s hard to believe I was in such fine health on Monday)

You can read the history of afternoon tea here










Beautiful art

I have recently discovered the artist Mark Ryden and wanted to share my discovery with you guys. The thing I really like about his paintings is the mixture of beautiful innocence and a somewhat darker vibe that is apparent in the background. The faces of the girls in the paintings are childlike and innocent resembling that of a porcelain doll, which is a stark contrast to the dark undertones such as mysterious figures in the background, tears of blood or a meat dress (move over lady gaga).

I know I am kind of late to the Mark Ryden party but my favourite paintings are:

  • Incarnation
  • General Sherman
  • The Tree of life
  • Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers
  • and of course Santa Worm

Check out his work here, I would really love to know what you think and which ones are your favourites.


Wonderful world of TUT

I want to tell you all about tut.com. And their daily emails from the universe. I discovered this service after seeing vine star jessi smiles upload one of her messages to Instagram. The message was so uplifting and inspiring that I signed up for mine immediately. Every week day (not weekends) I get an inspirational email from the universe. It always makes me smile and sometimes makes me chuckle aloud. Here are some of my favourite messages.

Sign up at http://www.tut.com it’s totally free

Be inspired every day and know that you are loved
Vicki & The Universe xx

Beautiful inspiration

I’ve been working on a few writing projects at the moment, and I was having a bit of a mental block. I decided a walk with the dog, fresh air and the sunshine would aid inspiration. On our walk in the park I came across lots of lovely colourful flowers. Their beauty has helped to kick start my creative juices flowing again, so I thought I’d share them with you.




What will I do now?

I have watched the last episode of my beloved criminal minds on Netflix. As I pressed the exit button and closed the final episode I sank to my knees and hung my head in despair.


“What will become of me?” I wailed “I’m not cut out for a life of mundane tv programmes!”

Luckily I was guided by an invisible hand to Homeland, which I have to say is equally as amazing. A series about an American POW who may have turned terrorist whilst in captivity for 8 years.

Promising terrorist plots and espionage, I’m sure this will ease the pain of not getting my fix of the very hot Derek Morgan, the brilliant Dr Spencer Reid, and the fabulous Penelope Garcia for a while.image

So I say hello to Sargent Brody and CIA’s Carrie Mathison.

The icing on the cake is that it also stars Mandy Patinkin (Jason Gideon from criminal minds)!!

Silver parcels of pleasure

This week whilst shopping at Asda I discovered these amazing silver Marc de champagne flavour magnums. This special edition is to celebrate 25 years of these delicious ice creams.

I returned from shopping excited to try these luxurious looking parcels of pleasure and I wasn’t disappointed.

I bit into the pale silver outer shell with a satisfying crack and the flavour inside was immense. The champagne flavour was gorgeous, but not too overpowering, with ripples of champagne sauce mixed into the creamy loveliness.

I definitely recommend anyone to give these a try