☀️Summer haikus☀️

Complete happiness
The warmth of the sun on skin
Natures green beauty


Children are playing
Laughter rings out through the air
Ice creams melting fast


Toes sink into sand
Winter chill long forgotten
Waves crashing on shore


©2014 Victoria Tucker


Silver parcels of pleasure

This week whilst shopping at Asda I discovered these amazing silver Marc de champagne flavour magnums. This special edition is to celebrate 25 years of these delicious ice creams.

I returned from shopping excited to try these luxurious looking parcels of pleasure and I wasn’t disappointed.

I bit into the pale silver outer shell with a satisfying crack and the flavour inside was immense. The champagne flavour was gorgeous, but not too overpowering, with ripples of champagne sauce mixed into the creamy loveliness.

I definitely recommend anyone to give these a try